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The Great Nursery Project

The Great Nursery Project
Some six months ago, I started in (somewhat unwittingly) on a massive "Organize The House For Baby" project. It started as a simple "Uh, I guess we’ll need a nursery now" and ended up being a far larger project than I anticipated.

The main problem was that the room we intended to use as a nursery had stuff in it, and that stuff had to have a new home or it needed to be given away. If it was going to have a new home, it had to be moved somewhere — to another room, a closet, or the garage. These places were already full of stuff, so the question just go compounded to that location: Before I move this from the nursery to that closet, I need to be this, that, and the other thing from that closet to this other place, which in turn necessitates… You get the idea.

Anyway, a brief list of things that we’ve done.

* Organized the linen closet. It was previously a Throw It In kind of affair, full of old makeup, spare toothpaste, and other random stuff. Now it is exclusively linens and they are organized properly.
* Organized the closet at the top of the stairs. It was collecting random stuff, slowly becoming a Junk Closet of sorts. It now holds crafts, board games, and cleaning supply overflow (see below).
* Organized our junk boxes. We originally had just one Junk Box on our bookshelf in the living room. Over time it had overflowed into 3 boxes. I organized all the items therein into mason jars. We have separate jars for pens, pencils and sharpeners, batteries, markets and highlighters, fasteners (brads, push-pins, etc), small electronics (iPhone cables, headphones, an ethernet cable), receipts, a memory jar, and more. There is a box of "office" stuff (scissors, envelopes, etc). There are no more junk boxes. Items are easily accessible and here is more space for future stuff.
* There is now a small shelf in the master bath for Cori’s makeup.
* All the toxic cleaning supplies have been moved to a pair of larger shelves in the bathroom on the main floor. This keeps them away from prying hands and makes them easily accessible. It also opened up under-sink areas for storing bulkier items like extra rolls of paper towels, toilet paper, spare grocery bags, sponges, etc.
* Organized and streamlined the garage. There are now just two larger shelves in the garage. We disposed of several items that were leftover from previous projects, and many items that were leftover from the home building (like a multitude of spare bathroom tiles). The other benefit of this is that there are no longer shelves at the far end of the garage, meaning that if we wanted to buy a larger car tomorrow, we would likely be able to fit it into the garage with minimal effort.
* Repurposed the downstairs room as a game/electronics room. It holds the XBox, has a TV mounted on a wall, has the electronic keyboard, and holds the printer, ReadyNAS, and beer cellar.
* Moved the television onto the main floor, above the fireplace. The DVD collection is also there, along with the BluRay player and Apple TV.
* The Nursery closet is organized now. It used to hold board games, guest linens, legos, and more. I reorganized the legos to fit into fewer boxes (and be better organized!), and most of the board games are in a different closet, so this closet now has room for kid stuff.

And lots of smaller things. I rearranged a couple kitchen cabinets to prevent non-perishable items from being lost in the back of a deep cabinet. Spare toilet paper and kleenex has a spot under the sink in the nursery bathroom. Cori bought me a great storage container for brewing that stays in the bathroom downstairs, and we somewhat repurposed it to store old towels that can be used to dry off floors, Abbot, or used for brewing. I found a box for my camera equipment. Christmas decorations were streamlined so that we only require one large box in the garage in addition to what’s under the bed on the top floor. We rearranged our bedroom slightly to make room for the cradle up there. We have a place to hang our keys and (finally) have a system for where Pending Bills are placed, thanks to a fortuitous Ikea trip. There are hooks in the garage for storing all my bike equipment. I have a box that neatly stores all the smaller photography equipment that I’m collecting. There’s a shelf downstairs that holds the dog stuff.

And, of course, we have the Nursery now. Which was the whole point of the exercise. I fully expect that in the wake of a new baby, half the organization I’ve done will be undone. But at that point, of course, I probably won’t care; I think all the things I set out to do originally are finally finished.
By ethan.john on 2012-01-16 15:53:06

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