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The Top Three Accessories For Your Roll Laminator

1. A cleaning kit. Roll laminators can get dirty, there’s no doubt
about that. Whether it’s adhesive build-up or dust, the more you use
your machine, the dirtier it will get. That’s why you need a cleaning
kit. These kits contain everything you need to clean things up
including a scouring pad and a 13-ounce spray can of adhesive remover.
There’s even a foam pad so you can clean the device’s heat shoes. Using
this kit will not only keep your machine in good working order, your
laminated items will look flawless from being run through a clean
device. It’s a win-win situation all around.

2. A space-saving workstation. Roll laminators can take up a lot of
room. If space is limited in your workplace, you should consider
investing in a lamination workstation such as the GBC Deluxe Locking
Laminator Cabinet. This great product has enough surface space to
accommodate a laminator that’s up to 35 inches wide. The cabinet has
room for all of your laminating supplies such as film and cleaners.
There’s a slide-out shelf you can use if you find that you need a
bigger work surface. Plus, it has rolling casters so you can move it
around if you need to. There are also other workstations available
including ones from such great manufacturers as DryLam and Tamerica, so
you’re definitely going to find one that’s just right for your
particular device.

3. A good supply of laminating film. Finally, you’re going to need film
for all of your projects. Laminating film can be as thin as 1.5 mil or
as thick as 10 mil. A lot of film is glossy for an eye-catching look,
although there are also matte films that can be written on. There’s
even film that offers UV protection so your document won’t be damaged
by the sun. If you have a GBC EzLoad machine, you’ll need to purchase
EzLoad film. It’s incredibly easy to load this film into your device,
as the name suggests. Finally, laminating film is available from such
esteemed manufacturers as GBC and DryTac. Be sure to consult your
device’s instruction manual as to what film you should get. That way
you won’t wind up with film that’s incompatible and you’ll save both
time and money.

Having a roll laminator allows you to protect and preserve what’s
important to you and your company. By having the right accessoriesFree Articles,
you’ll find that this document finishing method is easy and rewarding.
You’ll also be protecting your investment by using the right cleaning
products. So buy some roll laminator accessories today so you can get
the most out of your machine and enjoy having documents that look

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