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The Two B Decision Boori and Baby Shop

and celebrate your exciting news that you are about to become a
family. After the excitement, the realisation of preparing for your
new bundle of joy. Your immediate thought is Oh my god where do I
start. The importance of finding a store that can make you feel
comfortable and at ease is crucial. This is a store that you will not
visit just once. This will be a relationship for at least 9 months if
not more.

store needs to be many things; firstly you must feel comfortable
entering the store. You must not feel any pressure at all. Browse and
feel the stores ambience, it should be happy, casual and inviting. A
good store will approach and ask if you need assistance, but there
will be no pressure. The salesperson should be trained enough to
recognise if you are ready to express what you need or if you need
more time.

a time you will be seeking advice on many items that you need to
purchase for your up and coming birth this could be from breast pads
to a cot. Your initial contact with the salesperson should be
friendly and you should feel at ease. The store should be appealing
and organised. You should be able to find items without too much

item you will want to purchase will be a cot. There is a brand that
is well known in the nursery industry. This name is proven to be
strongFind Article, durable and eye pleasing. Boori
has developed products that will suit all budgets. Their products
will range from birth to child. Cradles are there starting point
designed to suit newborns to 6mths.

cot range is quite extensive and you will be sure to find what you
need. Boori furniture comes in an array of colours and stains to
blend with your existing furniture or to create a nursery fit for
your new baby. You will be able to purchase your basic cot to buying
a cot which converts to sofa bed and some cots will even provide you
with a single bed which can be achieved by adding extra pieces.

Most of the furniture is
flat packed for ease of transporting. The instructions are clear
making your experience enjoyable.

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