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Tricks to Faster Potty Training


Training your child to use the toilet on their own can be a very hard task for new parents. It is important for a child to learn how to use the bathroom once he/she is old enough, and before he/she needs to go to school. There are many different ways that you can make this potty training or toilet teaching a lot easier on yourself and on your child.The first thing to do is to purchase a proper potty seat for your baby to use while training. Getting an attractive potty seat will make your child want to use it more. Try to get it in your child’s favorite color or with their favorite character design. There are also special potty seats that help your child potty train faster, like ones that play music whenever your child uses the potty.Children naturally love to sing and dance, so try to apply this to their potty training. You can have a special potty song for your child every time they go to the potty, or even a special potty dance to reward them for using the potty properly. This will make your child’s potty experience more enjoyable and it will encourage them to use the toilet. There are many different potty dances and songs that parents have access to through the internet and books.Aside from singing and dancing, you can also let your child read on the potty if they like reading. They can choose a few books that they can only read on the potty, which will encourage them to go to the potty in order to finish their book. There are also books written for children about using the potty.Another way to get your child to use the potty is to get them interested in it by adding red or blue food coloring to the toilet water. Then, after they’re done using the potty, the water will change to a red or green color. This amazes children and will make them want to use the potty more often.In order to make sure your child takes the opportunity to use the potty when they need to, you can set a schedule for their bathroom breaks. For example, every 30 minutes or so, you should let them go to the bathroom to see if they need to use the potty. Letting them drink plenty of fluids will increase the number of incidents for teaching them potty use. And after a while, your child will get used to it and go even without being told. Never withhold fluids, even when you are frustrated by accidents, because this is not healthy for a child or anyone.Remember that your child needs to be rewarded and acknowledged when he/she uses the potty properly. For example, give them a treat like a yummy snack or a small toy after they are done using the potty. Or you can give them stickers to stick on a book to note how many times they used the potty correctly. Make sure to tell them how proud you are of them for learning how to use the toilet on their own. Parents who are enthusiastic will find that their children train faster as a general rule.When potty training your child you should get rid of the diapers so that they don’t get the temptation to wet themselves. This includes the kind of disposable pants that do not feel wet against a child’s skin like cloth pants will. This will hasten the process of potty training so that your child learns the difference between wet pants and dry pants. You should also get them nice underwear so they will be motivated not to avoice wetting their pants. You can fall back on disposable pants for naptime and nighttime or for leaving the house if the toilet training is going slowly.

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