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Unlocking Learning Potential – From Learning Problems to Excellence

German was born with the umbilical cord wrapped twice around his neck. He was a small and quiet baby and his mother was advised to place him on his back, so for months he lay immobile.

When German was seven months old, his mother attended The Institutes How To Multiply Your Baby’s Intelligence Course. She learned the value of placing her baby on his belly, and soon he was crawling and creeping, and then walking.

At two years of age, German had typhoid with a high fever. He had frequent colds and was given antibiotics repeatedly. He suffered from numerous allergies, asthma and bronchitis, taking the steroid cortisone to open his blocked airways in emergencies.

At three years of age, in pre-school, he stood apart from the other children. He played alone and did not respond to verbal directions. His learning problems were becoming more apparent.

At seven years of age, he had trouble following orders and paying attention to the teacher’s instructions. When the other children were writing or drawing, his paper was blank, and when the teacher asked questions he never answered. He hated writing and had problems understanding numbers and mathematics. He had poor concentration and tired very easily. In addition, he was hypersensitive to touch, smell, taste, and sounds. He complained about voices and crowds and would cover his ears. He slept poorly and was very irritable. He would often cover one eye, and he could not decide which hand to use to eat or use scissors.

His mother wrote, “He is interested in many things and wants to learn them, but he cannot get focused. Our son needs help desperately.”

After attending The Institutes What To Do About Your Brain-Injured Child Course, his parents immediately embarked on the Intensive Treatment Program with German.

After one year of home treatment, their son was enjoying perfect health. He followed a highly nutritious diet and no longer had stomach problems or frequent respiratory infections.

He was crawling in a perfect cross pattern, running three kilometers daily, and had learned to brachiate independently. He had become proficient in gymnastics.

After a year of a neurological home program his learning problems were gone, and he was advanced in most areas. A year earlier he had trouble counting in sequence, but now he was a full year ahead of his peers in mathematics. At eight years of age, he was reading books for ten-year-olds, was interacting well with his peers, and had become an outstanding violin student.

A year earlier, he wrote slowly and illegibly and hated to write. Now he was carrying a notebook throughout the day to jot down ideas for his creative writing. He wrote a ten-chapter science fiction book that he planned to type and edit. He also built a 1500-piece robot with Legos, which he accomplished by following written instructions.

In September 2007, German re-entered schoola challenging private school for advanced studies.

The young student who could not focus, did not answer, could not count, and hated to write was now a bright, enthusiastic, and highly successful boy.

During the school year, his teachers reported, “He is imaginative in writing. He wrote a mystery story that I found very interesting; it was very fluent and logical. He has recently become a finalist in a writing contest.

“He shows a lot of curiosity while conducting experiments and he has demonstrated a fine understanding of scientific facts. He shows creativity and works well with others. He is a knowledgeable student who often contributes to class discussions.”

The young student who turned in blank pages now achieved perfect scores in geography and history exams. On his homework project checklist, he received a 103 out of 100, having earned a bonus for excellence. German became the most advanced reader in the class.

His mother says, “He is now healthy, strong, and happy. There is not a single day that we don’t live without gratitude [for his progress].”

In August 2008, German became a full graduate of The Institutes Intensive Treatment Program. This young man is now able to pursue any intellectual, physicalFree Articles, and social challenge he may face in life.

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