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Uses of Acupressure as Pregnancy massage Therapy


But here is pregnancy reflexology that is a step further and sues certain pressure points in the body of a woman and trigger releases which help during the early stages of the birth of a child. Acupressure in Pregnancy massage can be used to induce labor that helps in the beginning of the process from home itself.A certain continuation of Pregnancy massage has many benefits. When you are in a process of learning maternity acupressure, you are taught that where the pressure points which help is relieving pain which are associated with giving birth to  child are present. You are taught various different Pregnancy massage methods that are used by the maternity staff which are used to reduce or eliminate the stress and relax the mother as well as those methods that are used for dilation of the cervix. Pregnancy massage has also helped in blood flow as well as increasing the level of oxygen which has benefited both, the mother and the child. This has helped the maternity process go smoothly. The results have been encouraging and resulted in safer birth rate. This has also seen a decrease in cesarean section as well other medical methods that are used I the process of natural birth of the child.Pregnancy massage techniques are easy to learn as it does not involve a lot of experience to understand and a master it. For example acupressure, a Pregnancy massage technique just requires reflexology points to be identified and after that it just needs gentle pressure to make it active.

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