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What Do Children Actually Want Their Parents To Do?

Adults have different ways to think and analyze things than children. While you probably think that school and friends are the most fun filled part of your child’s day, your child probably cherishes the time when you go to pick him from school and greet him with a tight hug. Every time children are asked to point out their favorite thing about their parents, they always respond with something that makes them feel loved and cherished. Furthermore, they tend to think a lot more about the small affectionate gestures that parents do for their children then the parents might know.

In modern times of technological world and busy routines, parents seem to think that they are bad parents unless they are constantly rushing their children to their schools or after school activities and making sure that their uniforms and lunches are impeccable prepared. They consider providing their children with every opportunity possible. This however is not the children’s definition of the perfect parent. They value care and affection above everything else. With all this rush of activity, they might start feeling burdened and exhausted instead of cherished and loved. So here is a list of easy to do things that will give you the comfort of being a good parent and make your child feel precious and prized.

Bedtime activity

Read your little ones a story or sing them their favorite lullaby as you tuck them in beds. You can also ask them about their day and share their happy and difficult moments. You can also reciprocate that by sharing uncomplicated details about your day and making them feel important. Tell them stories about your own childhood and they will relate to you and feel more at comfort. Having a quality bedtime will strengthen your bond with your child and he will appreciate it much more than you can imagine.

Hugs and kisses

Every child needs constant assurance of affection from parents. Parents tend to overlook how important that goodnight kiss be for their children. Take time out of your busy schedule and give your child undivided attention. Put your phone aside and switch off the TV. Cuddle your little one while asking him about his day at school and throw in a couple of warm hugs and kisses. You child will not only feel more adored but it will also help in building trust between you and them. They will be more open to you and you will be better informed of their strengths and insecurities.

Individual time

If you have more than one kid, then make sure to take out time for each of them separately. They will be more open and more confident while talking to you if their siblings are not around and they will also enjoy the family time more if they had been given their due attention separately. This will not only be healthy for the children individually but also for their family bonding.

Decision making and disciplining

It is imperative to involve children in decision making process in household chores as it develops in them a sense of responsibility and self-confidence. But equally important is to point out when they are wrong. Saying yes to everything they say and or suggest is not only wrong for their self-image but also harms their sense of intelligence. Children are smarter than you may think and they can tell if the appreciation is genuine or not. So add them into the small domestic decisions and ask for their advice but correct them politely if they are wrong. That way they will learn more and faster and will also feel self-worth. This rule also implies on disciplining them for bad behavior. Children cherish the fact that their parents are considerate of their behavior and manners.

It is not very difficult to be a good parent for your child and it doesn’t take much effort. Stay mindful of your children’s feelings and provide them with nourishmentBusiness Management Articles, affection and love. They will trust you and feel loved and cherished and you will have the satisfaction of keeping your children happy and ensuring their proper mental and physical growth.

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