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What Endears Crocs Shoes To Kids, Men and Women

unique appearance may identify Crocs shoes and sandals for kids, men
and women, but Crocs shoes and sandals have a lot more to their

the fun factor plays an important part in pleasing people who wear
them, the comfort and convenience offered by Crocs have supplemented
their attractiveness.

Shoes: Features

below are some features of Crocs footwear that distinguish them from
a normal pair of shoes and make them popular for kids, men and women

Anatomically designed:
Croc’s heels are designed to support the rotation of foot. This
prevents heel spurs. They also hold the medial arch steadily in

The average
pressure on the sole of a regular shoe is 51N/cm². This is enough to
tire your feet in a few hours. Crocs, at most, apply 22N/cm²
of pressure — less than half of that applied by a normal shoe.

Wide and stable:
The width of Croc shoes and sandals enable greater weight
distribution. This provides stability to your movements and can be of
great help while lifting and carrying things.

Shock absorbing:
The firm characteristics of Crocs’ springy foam reduce the load on
your feet to a minimum. These shoes and sandals also reduce the
impact on thighs, knees and calves while walking.

For all seasons:
Crocs shoes and sandals are safe to wear in any season, wet or dry.
They also offer excellent standards of slip resistance.

Allow ventilation:
The holes in Croc shoes allow air circulation. This keeps your feet
cool and reduce sweating. The colorful range of accessories also
increases the appeal of Crocs shoes and sandals for kids, men and

Easy to clean and
You hardly
need effort to clean your pair of Crocs. Use soap with cool water.

Odor-free:The foot bed in a
Croc sandal or shoe does not allow microbes to breed. The closed cell
resin is anti-fungi and anti-bacteria, keeping the Crocs odor-free.

Crocs work as personalized shoes as the patented closed cell resin
molds to your feet. The resin actually moulds to the shape of the
foot for a customized fit.

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