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Your Baby Can Read Sooner Than You Think!


With the right guidance and encouragement, your baby can read sooner than you think. The mind of a child is very active and busy developing rapidly. Babies are naturally curious about everything they see and hear. So why don’t parents begin teaching their children reading and language skills until they are 4 or 5 years old? Some people argue that the first few years of life are meant for kids to be kids-to play and have fun.There are many people who believe that young infants and toddlers should be free of the burden of a structured learning environment. These people often argue that teaching infants and toddlers to read does not necessarily give them an advantage over other children. They say that even if your baby can read before his or her classmates, those other kids quickly catch up during school years. Some educational programs that are designed for this purpose include interactive DVDs that require the child to sit in front of the television on a daily basis. This also draws critics who recommend that children under the age of 2 should not be allowed to watch any television at all. Despite the many criticisms of educational programs for babies, they still seem to have a great number of devotees.Many proud parents have seen their children excel in school and attributed at least part of it to teaching them at a young age. Of course, it takes more than an educational program to make that happen. These parents typically dedicate themselves to helping their children learn through every step. For reading and language skills development, they use flashcards and read books to the children, often beginning when a child is not yet 1 year old. In addition, they create fun and challenging word games to play with the child to keep him or her engaged in the learning process. Your baby can read at a very young age, but not without your commitment and enthusiasm throughout the process.Every child is unique, and each will react differently to various tasks and environments. Some kids are far more stubborn than others, especially when it comes to learning new things. If you are lucky enough to have a child who is willing to participate in educational games very early in life, you baby can read after just a few months. If your child is not interested in reading and language games, it may take longer to focus his or her attention. You may also need to come up with some creative ways of your own to teach such a child. There is no specific standard for parents to use for every kid to learn reading skills. However, some types of educational material are more successful than you might know.Teaching programs that utilize DVDs, books, and flashcards rely on one key factor-interaction. Your baby participates along with the material to master simple language skills. More importantly, you are there to help the child through every step of the learning process. Your baby can read if you are devoted to making it happen. This type of early learning may very well contribute to your child’s later success, if you provide the right atmosphere to foster it. 

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